More than words

Henri Bergson, in his “L’ evolution Creatrice“, makes a clear distinction between intellect and instinct. Human intellect has been selected for the capability to master surrounding reality by reducing it into distinct objects, well separated in space and time and connected by cause-effect relationships. Instinct, which culminates in the world of insects, has been selected for the capability to survive and prosper by adhering and adapting to a complex reality in its dynamic flux.

What is the link between intellect and instinct ? What steps in, when intellectual investigation reaches the limit ? When words and thoughts are no longer sufficient, the human mind is capable of a further big jump into the mystery of reality of which it is part. It does so through Art, in its various forms that are also a form of prayer.

The reader can find in the present section is a small collection of words of art, music, poetry and paintings, as well as some reflections to help in their fruition.

Tintoretto’s enlightenment, “mysteriously cognizant”

Addio del passato (from Giuseppe Verdi’s Traviata)

Ave Maria (Franz Schubert)