Articles submission

Prospective authors can submit two types of articles :

  1. Original articles. These should be prepared in a PDF format – 3000 words maximum – together with a cover letter highlighting the main focus, general interest and novelty, together with 3-5 keywords and the names of suggested reviewers.  All submissions will be initially reviewed by the editors and/or members of the editorial board. Authors will be informed of whether or not the articles will be sent for in depth review within 2 weeks of submission.  Each selected article will be sent for double blind review to 3 or more qualified “readers”, at least two of them chosen for their expertise in the relevant disciplines and one from an outside field.  The final step will involve a thorough editorial assessment and detailed text editing recommendations, to ensure access to a general readership.
  2. Articles already published or in press somewhere else.  Text should be edited to respect an approximate size limits of 3000 words and even in this case a cover letter should be included, indicating where and when the articles was published, highlighting its main focus, general interest and novelty, together with 3-5 keywords. The names of the other journal’s handling editor should also be provided.  The review steps will be the same as for original articles except that, by the end, a decision will be taken of whether or not to publish the full text, an abridged version or a weblink to the published version, depending on the other journal’s policy and public accessibility.