Meet the authors

People communicate with other people more than with spoken or written words, with their own person, the sound of their voice, their look and way of looking, moving and behaving. Beyond any individual formulation of truth, at times similar but often in contrast with another, a common ground of understanding can be glimpsed through the uniqueness and commonality of each individual human person, in its body and flesh. What follows is a collection of video interviews or presentations by some well authors, well known to some who like to venture into the unknown. They are listed accordingly to different categories in which they are mostly recognised, with the understanding that they are all people who like to cross borders…..

Philosophy and religion

Hannah Arendt

Karl Jaspers

Martin Buber

Paul Tillich

Hans Urs von Balthasar

Adrienne von Speyr

Bertrand Russel

Timothy Radcliffe

Science and evolution

Teilhard de Chardin

Jacques Monod

Francis Collins

Geoffrey West

Stuart Kauffman

Carl Gustav Jung

History and society

Peter Watson